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Welcome to Old Houses of Louisiana, a web site devoted to old and historic buildings. Whether your interest is restoration, preservation, or you just enjoy old buildings as I do, please look around. I have been involved with old buildings for over 30 years and can help you in many ways. Most of my experience has been in the area of old and historic buildings. Please take a look around, maybe I can help you.
Are you thinking of buying an old house? Would you like to know how old your house is? There are many things to consider - and many ways I can help - go here first.
"Sometimes the best advice I can give about an old house is to help you decide what not to do".
If the statement above sounds unusual, consider what it is you like about old houses. People bring many notions about what they think an old house is, or should be. I've made most of the first time mistakes (and many others as well) and I believe I can save you time and money in many ways. If you still want an "old house" look and feel when you're finished, then we have something in common. My projects are varied and consist of many different types of clients, many types of buildings, (big and small) and in many states, so please look around.